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Achieve your career and organizational goals faster with better informed, more confident, and less stressful decision-making

As an executive coach, global affairs advisor and moderator/facilitator, I’ll draw on my experience spanning senior executive roles across multiple sectors, to help you navigate challenging transitions and make difficult decisions.  


“Xenia’s unique coaching style helped me lead a unit through a challenging change process, (which) resulted in significant positive impact on more than 1,000 business users and decision makers. Senior management acknowledged our change as a great “journey of transformation.”

- Andra Maria Vasilescu, Manager,

Integrity Due Diligence, Equinor

"With her rare combination of experience in government, the private sector and civil society, Xenia has a truly comprehensive understanding of the international context and its impact on business-relevant decision-making."

                                     - Robin Niblett, Director, Chatham House

Ready to jump start your transformation?


Building on my multi-sectoral and global affairs experience, I started Wickett Advisory to help clients chart a smooth course through turbulent decision-making waters, whether for themselves or their organizations.


Satisfied clients include CEOs and other C-level executives, Executive Directors, and entrepreneurs from around the globe.


My primary services are:

Executive Coaching

My mission as an executive coach is to provide practical and actionable guidance to people who need help making complex career and/or organizational transitions.


Given the innumerable decision-making challenges that senior executives face, there is no “one size fits all” version of executive coaching. I tailor my approach to the individual and/or organizational needs of everyone I work with.


We’ll begin by developing a clear picture of what you or your organization is trying to achieve. Once we’ve thought through and prioritized your objectives, I’ll help you determine the decisions you need (and don’t need) to make to achieve them and devise strategies that will enable you to be successful. And, I will support you on this journey.

Global Affairs Advising

My clients regularly face decisions that will have a significant impact on their career, organization, or business. Those decisions often shouldn’t or can’t be made without an expert assessment and analysis of the global trends and events that underlie them.


Bringing my governmental, academic, think-tank, non-profit, and private-sector experience to bear, and through this my understanding of global dynamics and decision-making, I’ll make sure you have a broad understanding of key political, economic, and strategic issues before you develop plans and make decisions.   


(Please note: While this is a standalone service, it can be and has been combined with my executive coaching service.)

Moderating, Facilitating, and Speaking

These services are all closely linked and complimentary to my coaching and advising services.


Whether moderating an event with hundreds of attendees, facilitating an intimate high-level discussion, or speaking at a leading conference, my goal is to ensure that participants leave with new knowledge and understanding. This will help them be more aware of their situation and thoughtful about the world, and provide them with concrete insights into how they or their organisation can respond effectively to ever-changing external dynamics.


If you’re planning an event and would like an experienced moderator, facilitator, and/or speaker, I can help you make that event as successful, valuable, and memorable as possible while moving the conversation from interesting to impactful

"Whether facilitating a fireside chat or moderating a debate in front of 300 senior government, NGO and business leaders, Xenia draws out diverse voices and relevant facts to reveal and explore new solutions. The energy and clarity she brings invigorates the conversation."

           - Nicola Lightner, Director of Strategic Convening, The German Marshall Fund of the US

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