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Helping people and organizations move forward in a dynamic and uncertain world

We live in a world of increasing complexity. A world that is changing faster than ever before. A world that is more volatile than ever. One that is more unpredictable in large and small ways. 


None of this is likely to change. 


We – ourselves, our leadership and our organizations – need to be able to evolve and advance through this complex environment in order to realize our highest goals. We need to be efficient and effective. We need to draw upon all we, and those around us, have to offer. 


I want to help individuals and institutions realize their full potential so that they can achieve their hopes and dreams, so that they can fulfil their vision. 

How I Can Help You

Understanding changing global dynamics  

Moving from discussion to impact


Developing strategies to realize opportunities and build resilience

Organizational Development, Change

Transitioning your organization to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead

Executive Coaching

Realizing the best you can be

Facilitating & 




My name is Xenia Wickett. I have worked around the world including in the United States, the UK, Switzerland, Israel, India and Norway at senior levels in the private, public, non-profit, and academic sectors. I bring international and cross-sectoral perspectives and expertise to addressing problems. 

I am passionate about helping institutions and individuals be the best they can be. Unless we bring everything we can to the table, we will not be able to solve the challenges of today or tomorrow.

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