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After two decades of management I’ve realised that, however much I enjoy solving difficult problems myself, I gain even more satisfaction from helping others develop the capacity to solve their own problems.

My parents were born in South Africa and Hungary, yet I am British and American by nationality. (It’s a long story.) Later on, I attended university in England (Oxford) and graduate school in the United States (Harvard).



This multi-cultural background has had a significant influence on my life. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I pursued work focused on international affairs, ultimately serving the US Government in the White House and State Department. Since then, I have held senior positions in business (Equinor), NGOs (PeaceNexus), think-tanks (Chatham House), and academia (Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center).



As a result, I have spent extended periods immersed in different cultures, including the US, the UK, Switzerland, Israel, India and Norway. Along the way, I’ve learned that bringing diverse perspectives to a problem is key to finding lasting solutions to complex challenges.

I’ve learned other important lessons, too. Rowing competitively taught me much about teamwork and the power and impact of working in sync. Some years later, an outriggering squad in California showed me the value of working in a team lightly and with joy. This is how I now like to live my life.


Learning how I like to live and what I love to do led me to launch Wickett Advisory. Simply put, I use my understanding of the world and my experience with overcoming challenges to help you better understand your context and resources. By making smarter, more informed, and more confident decisions as a result, you can help yourself, and your organisation, fulfil your true potential.

“Xenia’s unique coaching style helped me lead a unit through a challenging change process, (which) resulted in significant positive impact on more than 1,000 business users and decision makers. Senior management acknowledged our change as a great ‘journey of transformation’.”

Andra Maria Vasilescu, Manager, Integrity Due Diligence, Equinor

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