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My goal for any moderation is for participants to leave with a new perspective, and with knowledge and understanding that will lead them to take a fresh look at their situation and the world more broadly. Whether it be a large event, an intimate discussion, or a debate, success is to create a conversation that gives individuals and organisations clear insights that enable them to take practical steps forward in addressing their goals.


As an experienced moderator, facilitator and speaker, my role is to help every event be as successful and memorable as possible, involving open and honest conversation that sparks curiosity, adds value and delivers real impact.


"Xenia draws out diverse voices and relevant facts to reveal and explore new solutions. The energy and clarity she brings invigorates the conversation."

Nicola Lightner, Director of Strategic Convening, The German Marshall Fund of the US

Chairing and Moderating



My client runs a successful biannual event and wanted to reinforce its position as an industry leader and convener, increase its engagement and financial support, and strengthen its brand.


Together, we explored how the event could best meet their needs. We considered which speakers to invite and how to optimise their contributions. I worked closely with the speakers and their teams, building trust to facilitate a productive conversation. I then helped my client maximise audience engagement and ensure that the discussions were not only interesting but also impactful.


The event itself featured Ukrainian President Zelensky, Elon Musk, and other business and government leaders. Our conversations were well-received and gained substantial exposure for my client.



My client was organising a four-day event to facilitate bilateral relations and understanding, involving some 20 British and American cross-party legislators. I was asked to moderate the private full-day of transatlantic discussions.


I facilitated an apolitical conversation on topics including energy, China, and the Russia-Ukraine war which drew on varied expertise and diverse perspectives from around the table. Delegates discussed many different policies and opinions in a candid, productive and non-partisan way. At its conclusion, participants from both sides of the aisle expressed their appreciation that the dialogue had improved their understanding of cross-Atlantic views and constraints, as well as providing insights around the positions of their political opponents at home.

“Xenia had an integral role as moderator of our opening ceremony. Her way of elevating the intense and high-level programme together was carried out with proficiency, skill and grace.” 

Leif Johan Sevland, President & CEO, the ONS Foundation

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