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I believe that people learn in different ways, on different issues and at different times in their lives. I also realise that my clients will always know more about their life and career than me. Thus I use an eclectic blend of coaching methods, tailored to each person and the moment they are in. They are the expert; my role is to help them clarify and explore what they already know so that they can find the right path forward for themselves.


Most of my clients face complex transitions, either personally or in their leadership role. I can be a sounding board or a critical friend who can help them discuss, challenge and coalesce their options to find solutions that best suit their situation.


In all cases, I help my clients develop the practical skills, knowledge and/or techniques they need to better serve themselves.  




My client was undergoing a leadership transition; the CEO was becoming the President, with a new CEO taking over the day-to-day leadership role.


Together, we explored how to optimise the transfer, including allocating responsibilities to bring clarity to themselves and the team. I worked with each individually to facilitate their interactions, and then provided support as they implemented and achieved their goals.


The transition was smooth and largely completed within six months, with tangible benefits for the business, its future growth and client engagement. 



My client was starting a new business and wanted external support to help her operate at her best every day while always looking ahead. More broadly, she wished to know that she could build the company culture that she believed would foster long term success.


Regular coaching sessions provided a sounding board and a safe space as she worked through her challenges and identified a path towards achieving her goals. She has now raised two tranches of funding, hired her first employee and is producing and selling her product.



My client had spent two decades successfully pursuing her career as an NGO leader and small business owner. Although reasonably content, the impact of the pandemic had prompted her to question whether her current career path remained viable, and to consider reviving aspects of a career she had left decades earlier.


After a series of conversations, my client decided to continue in her existing path and, in fact, invest even more into it. She realised that she needed to explore new approaches to make her current career more stable and this helped her to develop a new strategy. She is still in her current role and now has a new perspective, greater confidence and renewed commitment

“Xenia’s insights and ability to help me see issues in a new light is invaluable for strategic decision making. The toolkit we continue to build together has made me a more confident, empathetic and resilient leader.”

Morgan Mixon, Co-Founder, Peachies

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