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I bring international and cross-sectoral perspectives and expertise to addressing challenges, building resilience and realising opportunities

My Story

The red thread through my life is an international one


Born of South African and Hungarian parents and British and American by nationality, I have worked at senior levels in the NGO community, academia, the corporate sector and government. Whether in the US, UK, Switzerland, Israel, India or Norway (among other places), I have worked on international issues. I led South Asia policy in the White House, ran Harvard’s pre-eminent research center on science and international affairs, launched Chatham House’s Academy for Leadership and, prior to this, a Swiss foundation focused on peace-building, and was vice president for (geo-)political affairs and integrity due diligence at Equinor


I believe bringing diverse perspectives to a problem set is key to finding solutions that are fit for purpose. 


I get enormous satisfaction out of solving problems. As I started to manage teams, I found that I got even more satisfaction out of helping others learn to solve problems, to build capacity.

Some years ago I was asked what my greatest achievements were, of what was I most proud in my career. I gave two answers. The first related to the programmes or institutions that I have helped to build, from PeaceNexus to Chatham House's U.S. and the Americas Programme and Academy for Leadership. The second was about people. Helping those around me grow and develop new capabilities and competencies, reach new heights and fulfil their potential.  


When I first took up rowing competitively, I discovered that it doesn't matter how strong you are, if you're not in sync with your colleagues you're using up huge amounts of energy to make little progress. Contrarily, if you get the timing right, everything else follows. Some years later, a squad in California showed me that in addition to the importance of hard work and synchronicity, working in a team lightly and with joy is even better. That is how I now like to live my life. 


Over the past twenty years, I’ve had the honor of working within a number of organizations from being a member of Council on Foreign Relations’ Membership Committee, to sitting on the executive team of The Pilgrims, the programme committee of Ditchley and being a commissioner of the Marshall Aid Commemoration Committee. Helping to guide such organizations and contributing to their membership has been a privilege.


I have been published in numerous papers, journals and online sites from the International New York Times and Financial Times to the Washington Post, the Huffington Post and The Washington Quarterly. I have appeared on television and radio in many countries from the BBC (such as Radio 4's Today Programme) to PBS (including Jim Lehrer's News Hour), Bloomberg, CNN, Fox News, CSPAN, Sky, NPR and Monocle. And, I have spoken at, facilitated and moderated hundreds of conversations in large and small venues from the FT Weekend Festival, to ONSthe GMF Brussels Forum, the European Business Leaders Convention (EBLC) and the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.


My somewhat eclectic background has led me to where I am today. To launching an advisory and coaching business that is centered around helping others realise their potential, be they individuals or institutions. To this I bring my skills, my knowledge and my extensive network. 


I want to work with you to help you realise your vision for yourself and for your organisation. Please do get in touch if you are interested in engaging with me on your journey. 

What I bring...

  • Cross-sectoral perspective, translation and credibility

  • Insights into the changing geopolitical, political and ESG context

  • A confidential discussion partner and touch-point for senior leaders 

  • Real world experience in launching new initiatives and reforming established ones

  • Pattern identification, deep analysis and a strong problem solving perspective

  • Strategic insights 

  • A capacity building mindset

Career Highlights


Equinor, Vice President of Political Affairs and Integrity Due Diligence


Chatham House, Head of US and the Americas Programme and Dean of the Academy for Leadership


PeaceNexus Foundation, Executive Director


Harvard's Belfer Center, Executive Director for Research


U.S. National Security Council, Director for South Asia


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