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Project 1: develop and implement a business transition 

Service provided: advisory and coaching

Objective: The client, a CEO and President, wanted to mark his business’s upcoming anniversary by expanding its services and broadening its client base while also solidifying its foundations. As part of the process, the client was transitioning out of his role as CEO and hiring a replacement. 

Solution: Working with the now-President and the incoming CEO, we explored and analyzed the challenges and opportunities that would result from this transition. We assessed how to take advantage of the expanded capabilities and create a partnership that was greater than the sum of its parts. We developed options, plans, and strategies to best help them realise their objectives. And I then supported them in implementing and achieving those goals.

Outcome: The company has gone through an effective and smooth leadership transition with the key individuals developing effective communications strategies that facilitate their achieving greater bang for their buck. They have strengthened their organisational structure and foundation, and developed a robust strategy for the future of the business. 

“I started coaching with Xenia in the earliest days of my journey as an entrepreneur. Her insights and ability to help me see issues in a new light is invaluable for strategic decision making. The toolkit we continue to build together has made me a more confident, empathetic and resilient leader."

- Morgan Mixon, entrepreneur, CleanNest

Project 2: support a new business launch 

Service provided: coaching

Objective: The client, an entrepreneur, was starting a new business focused on high-quality, eco-conscious baby products. 

The client was looking for an external partner to help her bring her best to the table at all times, think through her daily challenges, and maintain her balance at difficult moments, all the while keeping an eye on the future. 

More broadly, she wanted to ensure she was laying a foundation for the kind of company culture she wanted and believed was necessary for long-term success. 

Solution: Through regular coaching sessions, I provided a safe space and a sounding board as she worked through challenges and identified a path towards achieving her goals. At the risk of oversimplifying, I helped her make sure she was always thinking while doing.

Outcome: The client raised her first tranche of funding, hired her first employee, and is about to launch her product.

"At ONS 2022 Xenia Wickett had an integral role as moderator of our opening ceremony with speakers ranging from Elon Musk and the Norwegian Prime Minister to industry leaders such as Patrick Pouyanné and Anders Opedal. Her way of elevating the intense and high-level programme together was carried out with proficiency, skill and grace.”  

- Leif Johan Sevland, President & CEO of the ONS Foundation

Project 3: strengthen professional relationships, increase engagement, and enhance brand and reputation

Service provided: moderation and advisory

Objective: The client, an energy industry convener who runs a successful biannual industry event, wanted to reinforce their position as an industry leader and convener and raise engagement, participation, and financial support for their organisation as well as strengthen their brand. 

Solution: Together we assessed the needs and interests of the event participants and discussed how to structure key parts of their biannual event to deliver on the client’s needs and that of their participants. 

We deliberated on who the best speakers were and how they might connect effectively with the audience, after which I reached out to and met with them and their teams to prepare for and structure our conversations. 

Finally I worked with the client to design a moderation strategy to maximize audience engagement and move the conference discussions from interesting to impactful. 


Outcome: My conversations with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, and other senior business and government leaders were well-received and garnered substantial social media exposure.

"Xenia is consistently impressive. Her professionalism, deep knowledge of the international political environment and clear-sighted and perceptive views have proved invaluable.” 

- Lord George Robertson, former NATO Secretary General & UK Minister of Defence

Project 4: determine career direction

Service: coaching

Objective: The client, an NGO leader and small business owner, spent two decades on a successful career path with which she was generally quite happy. But the impact of COVID 19 on her life upended many of her long-held views about her professional choices. She was left wondering whether her current career path was still viable and was contemplating a return to a type of career she had rejected decades ago. 

Solution: Following a series of conversations, the client concluded that not only should she continue on her existing professional path, she should invest even more into it. Moreover, she realised she needed to explore new approaches to that path for it to be as rewarding and meaningful as she wanted it to be. That realisation enabled her to develop a new plan to move forward.

Outcome: The client decided to continue in an NGO leadership role, but based on a new perspective and with greater confidence and commitment resulting from our discussions.


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