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Updated: Oct 16, 2023

When to coach and when not to...

I often get asked what is the perfect client. To which the answer is that they can be anybody. Far easier to say who is the client I don't want.

If the client is not open to coaching then let's not waste their time (or mine) or their organisation's money.

If they are not in a place where they have the capacity to learn and develop, then again, perhaps put off the coaching until such time as they do.

Coaching is hard work. It can be transformative. Or sometimes it just nudges the client forward and that, in itself, is productive.

To be successful, coaching has to be bespoke. It has to be driven by the client's needs (and, if appropriate, those of their company).

Corporates can spend a lot of money on coaching for their staff. Only some of it is well spent.

It's worth taking a look at this linked Heidrick & Struggles article. As one of the leading executive search firms, they've done the research and have some interesting insights for companies on how to support your leaders and spend effectively.

It's in no one's interests - the leader, the company, or the coach - to invest their resources in ways that don't provide a good return.


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